like a rolling weed

feeling old is not bad. not at all. ask a bottle of wine. infact alcohol and history are the only things that might feel proud that they are old. hey infact remember one guy who might. an grand old italian who fucks nymphets. mr.owner of ac-fucking rich in history club-milan.mr ac milan ownder, italian prescendto as they say italian. sema gethu intro one fat chubby sappai thoppai guy- i present to you mr. berscloni. i dont know his name properly. so this is how i spell it. so scratch it. feeling old is bad. i am old. oh look the top hollywood actress is worried her aging might reduce her change of acting with zack effron or who ever it is. boo hoo

the problem with being old? random friends add you on facbook. with a dad in bank, i shift every three year. and i shift schools and friends. so some 3rd standard friend adds you on facebook. check mutual friends. you recognise the two people in his friendlist. guys who were before and after your roll call. so you add this who are you mr.3rd standard friend.periya mairu mathiri whaddup dood-nu he will wall. you talk and say lets meet. still you cant recall when you studied with him. and sight adichifed with  the english mam. anglo inidan she was. 3rd standard. fuck no i wasnt that bad then.

so you go to meet him. you wait for him to make the intro. coz you still dont know when you studied with him you see. if he asks hows job-you narrow down him to your schools you studied till you where in 8th. when he says hows college- he is 8 th to 12th school. coz he is still studying. if you know what i mean. if he asks hows your brother- narrow him down to below 2nd standard school. after bucketing the schools, he will say remember this x standard girl. and boom you get when he studied with him. instead if he asks hows your wife. move away. you are the wrong guy.


office is like, well office. so i get up 8am daily. 8.15 if there was a mid-week arsenal match. office near by- so 15mins walk. and i stay there 11pm. yeah more than 12 hours. the whole fucking month. so much work keeps on piling. hey you are new, so someone has to explain before you get started. hey server is fucking slow. previous server was fast. it was called free-. no they shifted to a shitty server. its name is 10 digit alpha standard code. i hate standard. 

so i go there, have lunch, have dinner,still work. late night cab. oc from office. and reach home by 11.30 ish in the night. then i roll weed and sleep off. of course i spoke it before sleeping. i could roll weed and not smoke it and sleep. you can get confused. so i had to explain all right.

averagely i finish four potalams of weed. pottalam means pockets. weekends again totall sloshed. fuck alocohol. i dont drink these days. smoke weed whole week end, see some movies and matches. and then the routine which i clarified above.  this is week end. and am typing this. so you can infer. infact dont read between the lines. dont judge. fuckers.

so i thought hard and decided. job makes no economical sense, thanks to the fucking company policy. i hate gurgaon. all my life i was worried. that i kept on moving places i would never know where my heart and peace lay in. i roamed a lot and decided that i never belong to one place. but now i know. am going back to chennai. so i want money. or less work. and i got companies like that. so am quiting. quiting my first job. without a second job in hand. hey but who cares. my dad said that i worked for a year, then i can quit and travel all the time. eh would give 3k every month. good enough deal for me.

last summer i went around a lot. college over. job in hand. so we were in that best trip of my life- keala trip. without any bounds. andthen our fcuking company called us and trip ended abruptly. i had written down places in sequential order, places to visit on my ipod. everytime i visited the place on the list, i delete the place from that list. i formatted my ipod twice since then. but i still have that list.half full. i guess its time to take it out and finish it. looks like i might be getting my summer vacation after all, something i have been used since i was a kid. i really thought i suited in this corporate shit world. i still think i do. i just dont like it. fuck you. and bye

free- after a real long time. i stopped saying that after i started job. so free.free and free



Tangled up in blue... said...

Yeah I wondered why you stopped saying that! Now I know..and I'm glad you're saying it again. :) good luck, my friend, go sate the wanderlust!

And as for facebook, right now I'm in my 'I-dont-care-who-I-add' phase. Not like I talk with more than 50 of those 500 odd people on a regular basis anyway.

pantula said...

'I was high so I let my ego do the writing' post?

Insignia said...

Finally free! ensoy!

soin said...


@pantula..yes sir. thats why i have a blog i thinks. and if either of us was a girl the comment would have been different..

@insignia.. yenga kanama poiteenga..unga office la yenakoru seet la thundu pottu vienga..