wow and waatha

the wow-
my first and biggest celeb crush. natalie portman. and then swan lake. and then kunis. and then..ok free.
i thought the last three years hollywood has been pretty shitty. lesser drama movies. like good ones. so such a gethu movie after long appears even more gethu. the movie is black swan. the music. the story telling. the camera. and above all natalie. the acting and the matter scene. waatha. fuck viagra. after long a good movie.

and the waatha-
the lappy of five years is back again. yet another birth. had to replace motherboard which means quarter salary fucked there itself. and then the kasauli trip. drr only. then people quiting my team left and right. slightly sad about the people leaving. good people. and the lappy guy formatted my hard disk without asking.! thevdiya. five years of photos all gone. but it is also good. last three months photos are like shit. when i was going to get dslr itself many warned that transition is usually shitty. you worry about the settings all the time and you forget the picture. now i am getting to know how the camera feels. like how the color translates and all. even small change in settings blows out so still learning. hopefully from now on atleast decent pics. its a bad month on money front. as always. bloody cant believe its been four months since i started working.



Tangled up in blue... said...

Black swan black swan black swan! such mindfuckingly brilliant stuff man!

HaRy!! said...

enanga soin ipadi aipochi... 5 years foto elam...vada pochey!!

soin said...

@tuib.. that director fellow's movies are all awesome. and too much mindfuckery.free

@hary.. ada vindunga saar..vada innaku suduvom nalaiku suduvom. suttukine irupom.free

Srivatsan said...

same here.. system bussu on january.. 250 gb of movies,pics,songs and also 100s of cartoons...everything gone.. bussu..!