i am a ranter

When i was in college i dint know what hipster meant. i googled it. "Definitions are too mainstream.Hipster's can't be defined because then they'd fit in a category, and thus be too mainstream.". Yay i am a hispter! But then everyone seemed to be a hipster, at least according to urban dictionary. I am drinking 60 rupee whiskey. It has done the job rather to well. Today i am celebrating new year, because celebrating it on 31st midnight is too mainstream. This hispter thing is not making any sense at all..

I am down to bare bones, financially. There has been no income for the last 6 months. There have been days of hardwork, some days just idled away. Days idled away looking at facebook albums of places i wanted to visit. Fareaway distant lands. South America, Africa and then Europe. First football stadiums in these places, then lost old places and the cultural hubs.My friends, who have studied well, did their MS are now doing that. I am here in India, broke and trying to get our start up and running.  I am also looking at pictures of some of my batch mates posing in akward photos with their wives. While they are getting married, i am trying to figure out content branding and how social media works. My marketing friend advised me to use posts that are short, can be understood fast and are "share-worth". i prompted, dumb? Yes. Considering dumb is easy and natural, coming up with dumb posts is proving to be difficult.


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