Dubbu stepu

there is this beauty with ratatouille, that anyway one can cook. even a mouse. and now with a mouse, we can make music. apparently. anyone can make music, thats what dub step seems to be telling me. But, what we have chosen to do with, is entirely another thing. We have started to use the sound of all things around us. No, not the audible everyday sounds. but the inaudible sound, of all this data being exchanged, almost magically. wireless..and its actually using the waves around us! and thus we have chosen to interpret this sound. the sound of engineering. inaudible, it has been given form. a feel. the sheer beauty of industrial sound. and the beauty, anyone can do it. yes most of them are shitty, but you can still compose. most of you can not compose a carnatic song. but we can dub..its been made so easy, its astonishing.. revolutions are instigated by corner table conversations.. and now its made from behind desktop.. the true industrial revolution, blending with everyday lives..and the sound of it being music to our ears.. the beauty of it is not in the quality, but the quantity..



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